Big big changes. To find someone to switch with, or look into the poly lifestyle.

Well, me and my ex Daddy (also husband) crashed and burned about five months ago, and we both went our seperate ways as far as the dating went. Well, my life went to hell, and we began sorta talking again. Well, last night he threatened me with divorce papers for the last time, and 21st completely fuckin hateful with me. So, I’m moving on. No more looking back. I’m either gonna look for a male switch where I’m the dominant one 98% of the time, or I’m gonna start to look into polyamory. It’s something I’ve always wanted to try. Any of y’all in those two lifestyles?  Would love to hear the perks and downfalls of each from someone living those situations. 


For his taking…..

To start yesterday, I get a text from my Daddy, saying that he would be home soon, and to be ready for him. I was to get naked and lay my head where our feet usually are on our bed. That request seemed a bit odd to me because my Daddy has no problem with picking me up and putting me wherever his heart desires, and keeping me there. Well, at least most times, my new nickname is wiggles, if that gives any indication of what happens sometimes. Lol. So, I obey and when I hear his key in the door, it felt as if I had butterflies in my stomach. He starts off with a
few light touches, just enough to get me a little wet. Then, gets me to move even further down onto the bed, to where my head is hanging off. Now, i understand what my Daddy wants, and i take him into my mouth. Now, lemme just say that I have never been a big fan of giving blowjobs, but doing it this way was a first for me. It was amazing. Knowing I was giving him pleasure was an awesome feeling for me. The best part was when his legs started shaking. After awhile, he turns me over and buries himself deep into my ass. This is another thing I was never really too fond of, but as soon as he found my clit again, it was ecstasy. I was even surprised at myself when he started pounding into me and I just wanted more. Then his fingers found my pussy and from what Daddy says, my pussy went crazy. There really aren’t even words to describe how I felt in that moment. All I know, is that i would’ve done anything for my Daddy then. No matter how crazy. No matter my limits. I was putty in his hands. He literally made me melt. I haven’t felt that way in years. I still get a little wet just thinking about it. That’s how ya know it was a damn good night!! Lol.  Thank you for that Daddy, and everything else you lovingly give me. Whether we’re on the same page or not. You’re an amazing man, and I love you with all my heart and soul!!!! A&F!!!!


My Daddy and I have decided to do a full switch for the next 43 days. We have already been dabbling in some tease and denial, and I absolutely love taking him to the edge and not allowing him to do the one thing he wants most in that moment, to cum. At first, he lasted three days and had a ruined orgasm. As a result, he has not had any sexual touches or anything else from me in two weeks. I can tell that its really starting to get to him, but that’s not my problem anymore… He pissed me off by cumming when he wasn’t supposed to and he knows that now what i say goes. He gets only what I allow him to have. At this point it drives him insane just to see me bend over or change clothes, just because he knows that he can’t touch or have what he wants when he wants it anymore. His grouchiness is my main problem and he’s gonna have to learn to stop griping or he’s not gonna like what happens. I plan to lock his dick in a cage in the next week or two, so that he will learn that it is mine and no one else’s, and that it is mine to do with as i please. I can’t very well let a man that I’m denying go to work uncaged just in case he decides on the spur of the moment to do something stupid. I know that there’s a few of you on here who are also doing tease and denial with your men. Any tips for a beginner would be greatly appreciated. This is gonna be fun. Mwahahaha. He already calls me an evil woman playfully. So, I plan to show him just how evil I really can be.

Ride em’ cowgirl!!

Fuckin hell! This little girl has found a new favorite!! After he got his pleasure from me, my Daddy let me get on top and ride his face. Lemme just say that there are no words for the amount of pleasure that he allows me to receive!! I’ve read all of these things on the internet that show that most Dom’s allow their subs a very small amount of pleasure, if any at all. I have to say that my Daddy is the fuckin best when it comes to this! He wants a scene, but I’ve been holding back, and thankfully he’s been completely understanding about my feelings. I feel like my body isn’t sexy enough for him anymore. I hate feeling like this, and he constantly tries to tell me different, but it makes no difference. I have no self esteem anymore. I’m still of small size, but I worry about what every mama worries about. The usual changes that happen to ur body when u have a little one. This bitch is gonna work out and keep it tight for Daddy, cuz that’s just what us littles do. I love you Daddy!! Thank you for taking care of me and keeping me safe. I love you with all my heart and soul!!! Your my whole world. Can’t wait til we’re married next year!!

No internet right now.

Hey everyone, sorry it’s been so long since i posted. My Daddy and i are doing very well. Our internet has been gone for quite awhile now, but do believe i miss posting my thoughts and experiences with my Daddy, and i definitely miss reading all of yours, but things are looking up in the money situation and i will have my internet back soon. On a brighter note, last night was quite amazing. Daddy hung me up from the hook on our ceiling for the first time, and that was something that i’ll never forget. When he finally untied me, he picked me up and i rode him with all i had. Afterwards, nether one of us wanted to let go of the other. I don’t think either one of us will ever forget that night. We can’t seem to stop talking about it. 🙂 Things have gotten much better between us since we sat down and talked about how i was feeling an empty space in my heart, and how it seemed like a part of him had disappeared. Like he was becoming cold. I missed the sweet, loving side. I love how my Daddy keeps me straight but i also want to feel the other side of him as well. He completely understands my side, and has promised that it wouldn’t happen again. I feel us growing closer and closer every day. I love you Daddy, with all my heart. Thank you for everything you do for me, and the love you give me every day. I don’t know what i’d do without you. I can’t wait to marry you. You’re my heart.

Miss my Daddy’s sweet side.

Daddy and i had some fun late last night. There was quite a bit of spanking involved which kind of confused me a little bit considering that he’d just told me how much of a good girl i’d been lately. I haven’t had to be punished in quite some time. (Very proud of myself by the way), but i’m mostly happy about the fact that my Daddy has been happy and is proud of me. I guess he has just missed spanking me. It was enjoyable at first, but then when he found a spot that was already sensitive on my ass, he stuck with that same spot pretty much the whole time, which ended up getting pretty painful. I don’t know what it is lately, but the warmness that i could always feel all the time with my Daddy in and out of bed has been pretty much absent. It just feels like there’s a cold edge to him, and i hope this doesn’t last. For some reason, as of late i have just felt like i haven’t been getting what i need inside. It feels like there’s an empty space in my heart, like somethings missing, and i can’t really even name what it is. I’ve felt this way for about a week or so now, and it’s maddening. Daddy wanted to be rough last night. I enjoy this as well. No, scratch that, i LOVE this as well. Maybe he was just trying to remind me of my place, since he hasn’t had to punish me lately and make sure that i remember that i’m his, and only his and that he can do whatever he wants, BECAUSE i’m all his. I just hope that his loving Daddy side peeks his beautiful head out soon. I miss him. I need my Daddy 😦


An awesome few days :-)

On Halloween my Daddy dressed me up as a dark fairy. My skirt was so damn short that it had to be pulled down a million times during the course of the night, and he also made me wear heels. We tried to go to a few of the bars around town, but they were all dead, so we decided to go to a club about a half hour down the road, and sure enough it was packed and bumpin. Daddy played pong for a few minutes, and as i sat alone and walked to the bar a few times, i could always feel his protective eyes watching me the whole time. Then we danced. Then after we left, my crazy ass hung out the sunroof going down the highway. All in all it was a really fun night. Then, last night, we hung out with my vanilla friends. It was really great to see them again. Today, Daddy wanted to go out, and as he put it “spoil his baby girl.” I’m not very good when it comes to letting someone spoil me, never have been. He tried and tried but all we ended up buying for me was a new bra (which was needed badly,) some comfy pajama pants, and i got my belly button repierced. He also bought a new blindfold for us to use. I was glad when we finally got home. We’d been doing nothing but running nonstop for days. Now, all i wanna do is sit, and watch tv, and just have some Daddy and me time. I love you Daddy, and thank you for everything that you did for me today. I’m yours forever & always!!!